Man vs Wife Man vs Wife

When two people get married, they agree to be together for the rest of their lives, if they’re lucky. That is a lot of time to spend with just one other person. And when one of them enjoys a certain pastime that the other doesn’t, well, it can get ugly. Or it can go well.

In pursuit of my love of gaming, my wife and I play games, just the two of us, and I attempt to review the experience. Some games work better than others when it comes to two player, follow along as we figure out which ones those are in Man vs Wife.

Man vs Wife Movie Mash

Every week and new crop of movies gets released. But imagine if instead, those movies were just one movie. That’s Movie Mash.

Each week, when I am inspired to do so, I will make a mashed up movie poster of the week’s releases and then write up a plot or synopsis or something to go along with it.


Sometimes things happen with the site itself that are important enough to write about.

… and more!


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