Movie Mash: Godzilla Dollar Arm

GodzillaDollarArmAmerican sports agent J.B. Bernstein and his partner Ash start up a reality show, The Million Dollar Arm, to seek out new talent and infuse Major League Baseball with fresh faces. Beginning their journey in India, they hold tryouts, even going so far as to train people unfamiliar with baseball in effort to expand their talent pool.

Meanwhile, in Japan, an ancient force of nature in the form of a giant monster has come ashore. Smashing its way through cities, leaving destruction in its wake, Godzilla wanders to and fro, seeking for something to fill the inner longing that rumbles deep in its heart.

Bernstein, seeing the news of the giant lizard, has a brilliant and crazy idea. Quickly traveling to the land of the rising sun, J.B. Bernstein is on a mission to sign the most unique pitcher that Major League Baseball has ever seen.

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