Movie Mash: Neighbors of Oz – Moms’ Return

20140509-NeighborsofOzMomsReturnMac and Kelly Radner are a young couple with a newborn daughter. Teddy and Pete are the leaders of the Delta Psi fraternity that just bought the house next door. Allyson and Sean live across the street with their three kids. And all of them are just one trip over the rainbow from a land called Oz.

Dorothy Returns from Oz but finds that she isn’t in Kansas as she expected. Seeking directions home, she knocks on the door of Allyson and Sean. Allyson is on her way out for the night with the girls, and drags Dorothy along with Kelly, who needs a night away from the newborn, and her other friends Izzy and Sondra. Their night doesn’t go as planned when they discover their dinner reservations have been canceled, Allyson’s sister-in-law’s kid has gone missing, and Dorothy learns that Kansas is in ruins.

While the other girls go in search of the missing child and learn to stop blaming others for their own problems, Dorothy heads back to the neighborhood to find her way back to Oz.

Teddy and Pete are in the midst of throwing the most outrageous party in the history of Delta Psi. But the noise is keeping up the baby, which causes Mac to call the cops. Having broken the agreement between the homeowners and the frat, Teddy and Pete begin a series of pranks on the neighborhood. Sean has his hands full keeping his kids from sneaking over to the party and falling afoul of the frat’s dirty tricks.

Dorothy finds the door to Oz and unwittingly spills a cast of animated characters from the magical land right into the center of the Delta Psi party. Is this the part where we say that hilarity ensues? Because wait… this is only the beginning. Just wait until the Moms get home!

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