Movie Mash: Scary Movie 42

20130412-ScaryMovie42The genre blending and bending, increasing vapid, comedy franchise takes a frightening turn into historical territory with the release of this week’s Scary Movie 42.

Ashley Tisdale and Simon Rex are Jody and Dan Sanders, a couple with a love of baseball and a brand new baby. Amid the furor over Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) joining the Brooklyn Dodgers, they take their child to his first game but soon realize that something is amiss.

Peppered with flashbacks of Robinson’s career, the film reveals that Jackie’s life has been haunted by the recurring paranormal instances, and that stalking hasn’t stopped as the man grew into a professional baseball player.

But he isn’t alone. Jody and Dan have seen strange things themselves. It appears that their child, Aiden, might also be the object of a demon’s affections.

Loaded with historic significance, hilarious comedy, heart warming moments, pop culture references and bullshit that never happened, watch as the lives of these random people, the world’s first African-American in Major League Baseball, and two demons from outside of reality clash in Scary Movie 42!

Don’t miss unforgettable performances by Harrison Ford, Snoop Dogg,¬†Christopher Meloni, Charlie Sheen (as himself), and a bunch of other people who can’t believe they are in this film.

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