Movie Mash: The Lords of Oblivion

20130419-TheLordsofOblivionSixty years after an alien invasion of Earth, the last humans stationed there utilize drones to scan the surface for remnants of the alien forces and work to extract resources for use by the rest of humanity which has escaped to Saturn’s moon Titan. The Earth itself, during the defense against the aliens, has become largely unlivable.

Jack Harper is one of the last people still working on Earth, maintaining the drones and fighting aliens when necessary. Forced to spend a night on the surface, he awakes to find a box outside his damaged craft. It bears a tag with “a gift from the Lords” upon it. Opening the box he finds a vinyl album. Curiosity gets the better of him and Jack sifts through the wreckage of humanity to try to find a turntable on which to play it.

In his search, he stumbles upon a hidden settlement of humans who believe they are the last remaining resistance against the alien invaders. Jack tries to convince their leader, Malcolm Beech, that the aliens have been defeated and that the people should return with him to the tower and await transport to Titan… but first, help him find a working record player so he can listen to this mysterious album.

Deep within the resistance stronghold, one of the scavengers happens to have a turntable. Using a portable power source, Jack plays the record – which immediately begins playing backwards. Caught under it’s spells, Jack realizes the truth – humanity didn’t win the war, these people are the last remnants of humanity, and he has been working for the aliens, who have been using clones and mind altering methods to keep he and his partner┬áVictoria working for them. Jack and his drones have been unknowingly hunting humans, not aliens.

Their plans revealed, the aliens return in force to finish wiping out humanity, but the record has been played, and the original Lords of Salem, practitioners of witchcraft long dead but tied forever to the elements of the Earth, have been awakened.

Possessed by powerful magic, Jack Harper, Malcolm Beech and others rise up to fight for survival from extinction. They have become… The Lords of Oblivion.

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