Movie Mash: The Pain & Gain Wedding

20130426-ThePainandGainWeddingRecent parolee Paul Doyle has had a rough life. Pinched on few too many petty charges, he’s just been released from his longest stretch yet, but with a renewed yearning to stick to the straight and narrow. While inside he met┬áMissy O’Connor through an education and rehabilitation program, and the two of them are getting married.

Paul’s mother, a devout Catholic, sends word that she’ll be coming to the wedding, and Paul has to scramble to deal with a serious situation: his adopted parent’s divorce!

Don and Ellie Griffin have long since separated, and Don has even remarried, but Paul knows that his mother won’t stand for it. A plan in hatched and the two of them will just have to fake being together until Paul’s mother heads home.

Meanwhile, an old friend of Paul’s, a body builder named Daniel Lugo, has grown tired of working hard at Sun Gym and having little to show for it. He’s concocted a plan of his own: to kidnap a wealthy gym regular and force him to sign over his ill-gotten wealth.

Daniel turns to Paul for help, and given their past and the bonds formed in their troubled youth Paul agrees. The target, Victor Kershaw, just happens to be old friends of the Griffins, so he is invited to the wedding.

On this long three-day weekend, Paul will have to pull the wool over his mother’s eyes, keep his adopted parents from killing each other, and oversee a kidnapping and theft, all while still trying to marry the girl of his dreams.

This is going to be the most exciting wedding in history!

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