500 miles: 17 Again

I actually ran this 17 minute mile on Tuesday. And then I forgot to update the site. And then on Wednesday I didn’t go to the gym because the Wife and I decided to take Wednesday off and go to the gym together one day on the weekend. And then this morning I went swimming instead of running.

I have got to say, 500 meters of swimming tires me out more than a mile of running. A mile is just over 1,600 meters. I hope to be able to get up to a “pool mile” of 1,500 meters before too long. But that is probably a post better left for a more general fitness topic.

Anyway, I was quite pleased to rack up another 17 minute mile, but I think I need to slow myself down a bit so that I can run two miles. That also means getting out of the house on time so that I can do two miles before needing to go to work. First world problems.

493 miles to go.

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