500 miles: Another Mile

500milesI’ve debated if I should update every day about my progress. In the future I may skip days, but now I think it is important to do the update every day I make progress as an incentive for making progress. So until I feel I don’t need the motivation, you get an update every time I run, which should be about five days a week.

The second mile was easier than the first.

Doing that first mile required buying a gym bag, towels, a travel soap container, a lock, and actually going to the gym, which I had successfully avoided doing for ten months. On the other hand, going the second day involved only rolling out of the house in the morning with the gym bag over my shoulder.

Today’s mile was run in just under 19 minutes. Part of me wanted to go a second mile, but another part of me knew I wouldn’t make it and didn’t want to start tracking fractions of miles. Whole miles only.

While making the run I noticed two things. First, I need to get some better headphones and either a small radio so I can tune into the TVs in the gym, or a small mp3 player. My headphones are more intended to be for speaking on the phone, and my phone is a Galaxy Note 2, which is a tad awkward to hold while running. I would put it on the treadmill but the headphone cord is too short.

The second thing I noticed is that I finally see some real benefit to the standing desk I used for the last year. I’m sitting now, but for the last fifteen months I’ve been standing, and while I’d mostly only seen that I was less restless in the evenings, now that I’m going to the gym I have experienced that my legs and shins don’t hurt like they used to when I ran. I have to assume this is from all the standing.

Also, I’m not having much issue with recovery. Once I stop running and walk for a little most of the burn is gone. Then by the time I get to work there is only a bit of a dull ache, and in under an hour of sitting it is as if I hadn’t exercised at all. We’ll have to see if this continues through the week and beyond.

498 miles to go.

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