500 miles: The 18 Minute Mile

500milesFor the third day in a row, I shaved another minute off my mile. Eighteen minutes. But, I think I may have reached my limit for the moment. Getting that was a very hard push and wiped me out. So, I’ll probably be floating between eighteen and nineteen for a while until I get more comfortable with it.

Because the push for eighteen hurt so much I had to skip my usual rowing after running. I like the rowing because it works my arms, back and chest, while also giving good cardio. And while my legs don’t get too much involved, they get involved enough that I just couldn’t do it today. So I just did arms instead.

Obviously you can’t just workout one part of your body. If the goal is weight loss and overall fitness, you need to hit other areas too. Any weight I lose will help my running since I won’t because hauling as much of me around.

I haven’t hit a gym in many years, and so the array of machines is a bit daunting. I figure over the next few weeks I’ll give each of them a try and figure out which combinations of what machines will make good post running workouts. Today I did this weird core twister rotation thing, which I probably won’t do again soon, and also some simple dumbbell bicep curls and triceps extensions.

497 miles to go.

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