500 miles: The Long Haul

Obviously, I stopped doing the update every time I run. Perhaps one day when I’m running larger distances I will return to that, but having me tick off one mile at a time a few times a week is laborious. Mostly because I run out of things to say.

Plus, there were a lot of days I didn’t run.

Over the last two weeks, I managed to run one mile on three occasions. Each mile I ran in about 16 minutes. I don’t really want to run them that fast, but it seems to be the pace that I have, which is okay. A 16 minute mile is much better than I expected, though I don’t believe I could sustain that for a whole 5k or 10k run.

The main issue I seem to be having with running is that I’m heavy. Basically, I can walk forever, but when I switch to jugging/running and start getting my body weight slamming down on my legs I start to, after a while, get pains in my shins and sometimes knees. I believe this is known as “shin splints”. Now, it isn’t severe, and generally once I give myself 20 to 30 minutes of rest it is mostly gone, which is why I suspect the cause may be the period of extra stress I’m putting on when jogging/running. So while I will still continue to run, I’m also going to focus on other efforts to burn calories and lose weight. Every pound I drop will be a pound I’m not slamming down on my legs as I run.

So, while the “every run” updates will stop, I’ll still be checking in every week or so with some progress and thoughts. Also, I’ll be writing some other fitness related stuff on the site as well. In fact, I spent several hours on one such piece over this weekend, but it needs a bit of polish before it goes live.

490 miles to go.

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