500 miles: Two for Tuesday

500milesI had not intended to maintain the 18 minute mile.

My new headphones arrived on Friday. The old ear buds always caused me pain, but recently at work for iOS development we got an iPod Touch which came with earPods. I’ve been using them and found them to be quite comfortable. So, breaking a vow to never buy an Apple product, I bought the least Apple product I could. It won’t force me to use iTunes and get embroiled in their ecosystem. But I digress… I got earPods.

At the gym this morning I told myself, “I’ll just get on the treadmill, get a nice fast-walking pace going and get my heart rate up over 120 and then just coast and see how far I get.” I started at the 20 minute mile, or 3 miles per hour. I figured that if I did that for 40 minutes, I’d be happy with that. But I nudged myself up to 3.1. And then 3.2. And then 3.3. I got through 6 laps, or 1.5 miles and noted the time, I’d been walking for about 28 minutes.

I felt good. And my brain automatically did the math. “You know,” my brain said, “if we were to pump up the speed to 4 miles per hour for the last 2 laps, then we’d finish in 36 minutes.”

“Oh,” I said, “what’s so special about 36 minutes?”

“That’s 2 miles at 18 minutes per mile.”

“Hmm… that would be nice.”

My finger interjected, “You guys are so slow! I already pushed the button! Run, legs! RUN!”

My legs didn’t say anything. They were too busy running.

495 miles to go.

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