2012 and the New Beginning

Hello, and welcome to ProbablyNot Limited!

Chances are if you are coming here, you probably are doing so from my personal blog. I’ve maintained that in one form or another since 1998. Going forward, that blog will be for my personal musings and to be the place that I try out new ideas. The main site here at probablynot.com will be for things that are working, like my Man vs Wife series.

Please excuse the mess while I work out the bugs of the new layout and format. I’m sure I’ll break something, but hopefully it won’t stay broken long. As I get things off the ground, please enjoy the (currently) six entries on the Man vs Wife series, which I’ve migrated from the personal blog to here.

One thing you might notice right away is that the comments on posts here and the forums are tied together. For now, anonymous comments are allowed (okay, not entirely anonymous, you need to enter a name and email address) though I would recommend registering and logging in if you plan to stick around. Unless something catastrophic happens, this setup will stay. I dislike sites where the comments and the forums are two entirely separate entities РI end up picking one or the other, participating in only half of the community.

Anyway, enough for now. Again, welcome. I hope you enjoy.

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