Introducing Movie Mash

Back in 2009, over on my personal blog, I used to do this thing called the Movie Round-Up. Which essentially was just me giving my opinion on the week’s new movie releases. I ran that until the end of 2010, around 21 months.

By far, my favorite part of doing that bit was the graphic. For each week, I would take the movie posters from all the releases and mash them together into one poster. Sometimes I did a terrible job. Sometimes I made works of art.

I wanted to revive that part of it, but also do something new. So I’ve put together Movie Mash. Each week, if I am inspired to do so, I will craft a poster of 2 or more of the week’s releases and write up a plot synopsis or something to go along with the new ridiculous film I’ve created in my lab.

I’ll get a kick out of it for sure, but I hope some other people will enjoy it too.

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